Self-directed Learning: COMPASS

Dear colleague,

Welcome to the Self-directed COMPASS which aims to support your self-directed learning (SDL) process. We encourage you to use the self-directed learning COMPASS often. This tool includes the following 5 parts:

  1. Introduction

  2. Quiz 1: Assess your knowledge of self-directed learning.

    This quiz assesses your knowledge and experiences of SDL and provides instructions about how to develop a Personal Learning Plan. The quiz covers 11 questions. There are no right or wrong answers. You will be able to compare your response to the response derived from the self-directed learning literature.

  3. Access a list of resources on self-directed learning such as the accredited Self-Learning activities from the RCPSC and CFPC. You can select and complete one or more of these activities and earn credits. You have the responsibility of claiming credits online with the accrediting body (e.g. through MAINPORT ).

  4. Quiz 2: Resource assessment

    Once you have completed the self-directed learning activity of your choice, we will ask you to reflect on how relevant and useful such activity has been for your self-directed learning process.

  5. Quiz 3: Self-directed COMPASS assessment

    Rates the usefulness of the SDL COMPASS for your SDL process.

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