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Activity Certification - Documentation
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Accreditation Guideline
UPDATES: CPD Accreditation/Certification [Pdf]2017-Mar
Guideline - McGill CPD - Accreditation Step-by-Step [Pdf]2017-Aug
Guideline - McGill CPD - Section 3 - Accreditation Process [Pdf]2015-Sep
What is a Need Assessment [Pdf]2016-Oct
Accreditation CME/CPD Event
CPD/CME Accreditation/Certification Application Form [Word][Pdf]2017-Aug
CFPC Mainpro+ Certification Application Form [Word][Pdf]2016-Sep
RCPSC MOC Section 1 Accreditation Request Form [Word][Pdf]2016-Oct
Accreditation CME/CPD Simulation (RCPSC Section 3)
RCPSC Simulation Activities Accreditation Request Form [Word][Pdf]2016-Mar
Accreditation CME/CPD - Self-Assessment Program - SAP
RCPSC - Self-Assessment Program - SAP - Accreditation Request Form [Word][Pdf]2016-Mar
Accreditation individual forms
Certificate Request Form [Word]2016-Nov
Commercial Competing Interests (Director of Program) [Word][Pdf]2016-Mar
Commercial Support Disclosure Form (Director of Program) [Word]2016-Mar
Guideline - Declaration of Potential Conflict of Interest (COI) (Instructor -'Speaker') [Word][Pdf]2016-Oct
Declaration of Potential Conflict of Interest (COI) (Instructor -'Speaker') [Word]2016-Sep
Activity Resource Person List - Completed COI Forms Submitted [Word][Excel]2015-Oct
Final Report Form [Word]2016-Oct
Final Report Form RCPSC Section 3 [Word]2016-Mar
External Reviewers Documentation
CRITERIA: CFPC Mainpro - For Reviewer IN REVISION   
CRITERIA: RCPSC MOC Section 1 - For Reviewer [Pdf]2012-Oct
Rx&D Principles and Guidelines [Pdf]2012-Oct
Excel Spreadsheet All Participants List [Excel]2015-Sep
Excel Spreadsheet All Participants List - Record credits per individual - per date [Excel]2015-Sep
-Sheet [Excel]2014-Aug
Evaluation Form [Word]2017-Mar
Evaluation Form - COMPACT [Word]2016-Oct
Code of Ethics for parties involved in Continuing Medical Education
Code of Ethics - Implementation goal 2016 - (last updated -> 2016-01-01) [Pdf]2016-Oct
Other documentations
Accreditation Criteria [Link] 
Guidelines for Avoiding Conflicts of Interest in Relations Between Faculty Members and Industry [Pdf]2015-Nov
CMA POLICY - Code of Ethics (Update 2004) [Pdf]2014-Aug
CMA POLICY - Guidelines for Physicians in Interactions with Industry [Pdf]2014-Aug
CME Speaker
QUICK TIPS FOR SPEAKERS: For Accredited/Certified CPD Activities [Pdf]2017-Mar
Helpful Suggestions [Pdf]2014-Aug
Patient Consent Form [Word][Pdf]2014-Aug
PowerPoint Slides - Copyright Criteria [Pdf]2014-Aug
Web License Agreement [Pdf]2014-Aug
Guidelines for Recording and Archiving your Presentation [Pdf]2014-Aug
Recommendations - How to Dress for Video Recordings [Pdf]2014-Aug
Learning Objectives - CFPC Criteria [Pdf]2016-Oct
TEMPLATE - COI and Learning Objective [Powerpoint]2016-Oct
The College of Family Physicians Canada [Link] 
The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada [Link] 
Standards for Commercial Support: Standards to Ensure Independence in CME Activities - ACCME [Link] 

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