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Feb 25, 2010  Feb 25, 2010
The Canadian University Continuing Medical Education (CME) Web Portal: Knowledge Transfer, Information Fluency, and the University Connection.
Dr. Michael Rosengarten BEng, MD Associate Dean of CHPE Faculty of Medicine McGill University
A discussion of the Canadian University CME Web Portal.
Keywords: university, cme, cpd, evidence based, self-directed, Wiki, accredited, Canadian
Jan 01, 2009  Feb 09, 2009
Plus que des connaissances et compétences médicales
Brenna Lynn, PhD et Bob Bluman, MD CCFP FCFP
L'éducation médicale et la formation médicale continue.
Keywords: formation médicale continue, CANMEDS, besoins d'apprentissage, orientation structurée, Colombie-Britannique
Oct 01, 2008  Oct 06, 2008
Industrial Promotion and CME/CHE/CPD. Three suggestions.
Michael Rosengarten BEng, MD, FRCPC
An editorial which discusses relations to industry and makes suggestions for improving CME funding.
Keywords: cme, industry, promotion, communication companies, stake holders, labeling.
Dec 31, 2007  Jan 28, 2008
A Self-managed Plan for Continuing Professional Development:
Author: François Goulet, M.D., M.A
The self-managed plan for continuing professional development (CPD) designed by the CMQ aims to dispel the public worries by putting in place a mandatory process for maintaining competence, while promoting a self-regulated approach that takes into account the objectives established by lawmakers.
Keywords: CPD, CMQ, revalidation, continuing medical education, credits, professional practice, impact, reflection
Accreditation (1): More detail...
Jan 04, 2008  Jan 27, 2008
CME and Trusted Providers
Author: Michael Rosengarten B.Eng., M.D., FRCPC
A discussion of funding for continuing medication and trusted providers of bias free and needs based content.
Keywords: CME, bias, trusted provider, accreditation, credit, needs based, continuing medical education.
Accreditation (1): More detail...
Jan 26, 2008  Jan 26, 2008
Getting something free or for almost nothing ....
Dr. Michael Rosengarten. MD. B.Eng.
An editorial on spamming, spoofing, phishing and continuing medical education.
Keywords: spamming, spoofing, phishing, CME, free, fraud.


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